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"Or in other words she is the closest thing the purrfection.


Although allow me cast aside the cat puns and be a little more serious.

If I may be quite honest, she is the first Guardian I had become acquainted with - I am sure we do go quite a ways back though I do not believe anyone would like to hear that story. It is probably filled to the brim with cobwebs and other atrocities that should bear to see the light of day.

The young Mademoiselle is also quite gifted with her craftsmanship - why! Many people would come running just to even get a glimpse of what she may showcase. Me? Well… let us just say that we have our arrangements and I have managed to get a rare piece commissioned.

Now now, I cannot apologise enough for how envious you all may be. It is not my fault that we have a good partnership! The blame must be placed upon her kindness and loyalty. She is ever such a dear friend to me - you may point fingers at her… however to even touch a fibre upon her costume head….

Then allow me to introduce you to Madame Fisticuff.  I do not believe she has had the pleasure. Would you like to change that?

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